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Do you have a question about housing discrimination, fair housing, or tenant-landlord law? Whether you are a tenant, a landlord, a real estate agent, or a homebuyer, ask HOME. Feel free to call us at 513-721-4663. Calls can be anonymous. If you prefer, you may submit your question by completing the form below. We will email you a response. Or, if you give us your phone number within your message, we can call you.

If you are a tenant experiencing issues, please include the following information:

  • Are you on a year lease or month-to-month lease?
  • Is your rent current and paid in full?
  • Has an eviction notice been given?
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**HOME does not employ lawyers, so if you have been served with a legal notice, are considering legal action, or otherwise need legal advice, we strongly advise you to contact an attorney immediately.

Our offices are on the first floor of the United Way building at the intersection of Reading Road and Morgan Street in Mount Auburn/Walnut Hills at the base of the East McMillan Street Overpass. Visitors’ parking is accessed from Morgan Street.

If you need to make a payment as part of a settlement, you may do so by clicking here.