Members of our Client Services staff assist people who believe they may be victims of illegal housing discrimination. HOME helps our clients gather evidence to support a claim of illegal discrimination and discuss enforcement options. These options could include problem-solving or mediation with HOME personnel, filing of an administrative complaint with the Department of Housing and Urban Development, or legal action through a referral to a cooperating attorney.

Housing discrimination can occur in any transaction whether renting or buying a home, negotiating with a lender, or shopping for insurance. Discrimination is not just about race or color. It also is illegal to discriminate in housing based on religion, national origin, gender, disability, or because children are members of the household. Learn more about protected classes under the Fair Housing Act here.

**HOME does not employ lawyers, so if you have been served with a legal notice, are considering legal action, or otherwise need legal advice, we strongly advise you to contact an attorney immediately.


Fair Housing Testing Program

HOME is charged with investigating certain types of housing discrimination complaints across Greater Cincinnati. While blatant acts of housing discrimination still occur, the discrimination is more often subtle and hard to discover.

HOME investigates complaints by creating testing situations—that is, simulations of housing transactions— to uncover violations of the fair housing laws. Testing is one of the most important tools HOME and other fair housing advocacy groups use to uncover discrimination.

We are currently looking for people interested in serving as testers. After completing a training session, testers call or visit apartments, and then submit written reports about their experiences. Each tester will receive a stipend for every test completed. Those interested in our Fair Housing Testing Program should contact Chad at 513-721-4663.